Parkour at St Crispin’s

The spotlight has been shining on our talented pupils again, as well as our PE Teacher, Rory, as he has just had his article featured in TES Magazine. In it, he details the positive impact delivering lessons in Parkour has had on our pupils.

Well done to Rory for always helping our pupils excel in new ways, as well as writing a lovely article that opens up about how important movement is for our students! Congratulations are also in order for Otter Class who gained some new skills whilst having a blast. And you can see just how much fun our pupils had in the photographs below…

Mouse Class Get Musical!

Our incredibly talented pupils in Mouse Class have been having regular sessions with Katie Davies from Drake Music in order to produce their very own song! Titled I’m Alive, this feel-good song is written by the pupils as they share some of their favourite things to do to feel good. Our Mouse musicians are also responsible for the vocals and instrumentals featured on the tune! Visit the Drake Music website to see the amazing work they do – featuring our very own maestros on the homepage.

Drake Music:

Well done, Mouse Class!

Our Day at the Zoo!

In March, St Crispin’s were very kindly invited to have a trip to Edinburgh Zoo! This visit was courtesy of the RZSS’s Bursary-funded excursion pilot programme, in partnership with TalkTalk, which allowed all of our pupils to have this wonderful day out. Some pupils even took part in animal handling sessions with an array of weird and wonderful insects! Everybody had a very fun and memorable day; made extra-special by the glorious weather we had for the occasion.

In amongst all the fun and exploration, we managed to get some snaps of our pupils immersing themselves in this unique and enjoyable trip. The Edinburgh Zoo team also very kindly gave all our pupils a lovely figurine to take home as a souvenir – each pupil was given the choice of a panda or a giraffe to remember their special visit!

We would like to say a massive thank you to the Edinburgh Zoo and TalkTalk for allowing us this opportunity – all our pupils and staff thoroughly enjoyed it. And you can see for yourself just how much fun we had…

Bee Class 🐝

Butterfly Class πŸ¦‹

Bat Class πŸ¦‡

Mouse Class 🐁

Rabbit Class 🐰

Owl Class πŸ¦‰

Mole and Squirrel Classes 🐿️

Otter Class 🦦

St Crispin’s on The Giving Machine

The Shop and Give scheme offered through The Giving Machine allows your purchases to make money for great causes – and St Crispin’s is one of them!

How Does It Work?

When someone clicks from The Giving Machine’s website or mobile app onto a retail page and makes a purchase, The Giving Machine receives a percentage of the total purchase price – this is generally known as affiliate marketing. They pass these donations onto us and we put it towards exciting things around the school – such as new gardening equipment and plants for our allotments, fun playground games and toys for pupils and exciting opportunities to visit new places… and much more!

It’s so easy to get involved, simply visit the online shopping site through The Giving Machine’s website or app and start buying! They have links with hundreds of online retailers including Amazon, Tesco, HelloFresh, B&Q and more. You can set your ‘causes‘ to include St Crispin’s and they will automatically send us a percentage of your purchase costs.

Get Involved!

To join in and start sending free donations, visit:

Our school’s sign-up code is 59544 or visit our Cause Page at:

If you have any further questions, call us: 0131 667 4831.

Thanks for your support!

Red Class visit the hen house

Red class went to visit Fiona and meet her five hens on Monday. The class had fun, looking at and feeling the hens’ feathers. Everyone learned about where hens live and we got to hold eggs the hens had laid! We watched the hens being fed, they were very hungry. Fiona asked if we would like to put some seeds in the palm of our hands for the hens to eat! Kyle and Jo had a go and told us it felt funny when the hens pecked at their hands. Kyle was very brave and even held one of the hens! We also planted a bean into the ground when we were there. Maybe we’ll get to visit again and see if it has grown. What a fun outing!


On Monday 15th May, Green and Purple classes visited Braidburn School to take part in a cricket event with Cricket Scotland and Active Schools. Pupils had lots of fun developing their cricket skills, moving round “stations” to practice throwing, catching, running and using a bat. A great time was had by all!


On yer bike!

We are replacing and updating our bikes to ensure that everyone can benefit from learning to cycle safely in a fun and safe environment. We recently had a visit from our friends at Theraplay who are helping us decide which new bikes we want to buy! Here are some of our pupils having a great time “helping” to make a very important decision. Thanks, boys!