At St. Crispin’s, we believe in providing coordinated support in order to maximise the potential of each learner in our school.  We offer a specialised curriculum for each individual through Curriculum for Excellence, set within a calm, nurturing environment. All of our pupils have Individual Education Programmes (IEPs) to ensure learning is linked to individual needs.  IEP targets in Literacy, Numeracy and Health & Wellbeing are tailored to meet the needs of individual pupils, and to support progression. Targets are set in conjunction with parents / carers. Information that will aid progress in learning is shared between teachers, support staff, medical staff and therapists. We work together to plan individualised learning journeys from nursery through secondary, ensuring smooth transitions throughout.

Broad and General Education

Learners from P1 – S3 are provided with a broad and general education through Curriculum for Excellence, with opportunities for literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing built in to each lesson. Pupils work in small classes with a teacher and a dedicated team of support staff who deliver learning experiences in maths, science, technologies, expressive arts, RME, language and communication. All pupils are taught Art, Music and P.E by subject specialists.

Senior Phase

Learners in S4-S6 follow a curriculum that continues to provide educational opportunities through the 8 curricular areas; with literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing built into each lesson. Pupils focus on developing skills for living, life and work through classroom activities and are taught Art, Music and P.E by subject specialists. Learners in S4-S6 are presented for a range of SQA awards at National 1 & 2.  Senior Phase pupils are encouraged to participate in an increasing range of community activities in preparation for transition to post school services.

School Assembly

Our whole school assembly takes place on a Friday morning and is a celebration of the progress and learning of our young people. Achievements and successes are celebrated through music, dance and presentations. Throughout the year, we hold assemblies in celebration of a variety of religious and cultural festivals. Parents and carers are invited to