School Leavers

School Leaver Transition Programme

Making the leap from school to the adult world can be difficult. At St. Crispin’s, we offer a bespoke transition programme to all pupils in their final year of school. We engage with families and, starting in September 2018, will organise an annual transition information session for parents and carers of all learners in S4-S6 each year.

As part of our Transition Programme, young people have an opportunity to attend college and a work experience placement, enjoy a weekly community music group through Music for All, and visit a wide range of post-school services. As part of our programme, we encourage pupils and their classes to visit a range of post school service providers to gain some insight into what they might like to do when they finish school.

We work closely with the Transition Team, Edinburgh College and post school service providers to ensure our learners benefit from an enhanced transition in the last 4-6 weeks of the school year, spending an increasing number of hours at their chosen destination, familiarising themselves with their new surroundings and support workers and ensuring a smooth transition to the adult world.