After School Club

St Crispin’s Out of School Care Association

“Where being unique is celebrated”

The Association:

The association was formed by parents in July 2007 to take over the running of the After-School Club at St Crispin’s Special School.

Why the After School Club is so important:

Our aim is to give the children of St Crispin’s the same opportunity to play and make friends out of school that other children and young people naturally enjoy.

So, we’ve set up a special club to support our children’s play so they can socialise in a safe, individualized and familiar environment that meets children and young people’s needs. In this way we can help them develop and learn, and encourage them to explore the wider community with confidence.

Staff & Management:

We have a dedicated, specially trained team of play workers led by manager Esther Fernandez. They all have skills and experience; particularly in working with children within the autistic spectrum.  We have a high staff ratio at the club so that we are well able to meet the National Care Standards and the additional needs of the children at St. Crispin’s.

 When the club runs?

The After-School Club hours during term time are:

Monday to Thursday:         3 – 5.30 pm

Friday:                                   12.55 – 5 pm

We are not open on staff in-service days.


Sensory play, swimming, arts and crafts, music, soft play, sports, outdoor play,cooking and baking. We also go on trips on public transport such as to parks, the Yard, trampoline centre, bowling, etc.

How much does it cost?

The fees we charge should be higher to reflect our high staffing costs but are reduced due to constant fund raising by the association.We therefore charge £4 an hour: Monday to Thursday £12 and Friday £16

However, if this causes families difficulty, assistance may be available from the Department of Children and Families, through individual social workers, or from Working with Families, again through social workers.

The St. Crispin’s After School Club runs at

St. Crispin’s School,

19 Watertoun Road,



Scottish Charity Number SCO 38968

Care Inspectorate Reg. CS2010279312

Information  from the Care Inspectorate

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