Senior Phase S4-S6

S4-S6 (Senior Phase)

Learners in S4-S6 are provided with a senior phase curriculum and offered further opportunities for skills development through accreditation. All pupils achieve success through SQA National 1&2 Units, as well as Wider Achievement Awards. We use a combined approach to assessment to deliver courses across all 8 curricular areas. Units are carefully chosen by class teachers to correspond to pupil IEP targets and meet the needs of individual learners.

Pupils in Senior Phase have opportunities to achieve beyond the classroom, continuing to develop real world skills for learning, life and work through outings in the local community. Classes have engaged with partner agencies including DRAKE music. In 2018-2019, we aim to provide pupils with further opportunities to achieve beyond the classroom through enterprise activities and Eco Schools . We will also offer SQA Cycling Awards to Senior Phase pupils through our new partnership with Blazing Saddles.