The Speech and Language Therapy team assess and support pupils to develop their communicative potential in the areas of social interaction, attention and listening, understanding and expressive communication. We use an inclusive communication approach in order to support all forms of communication including facial expressions, body language, gesture, song & object signifiers, signing, visual supports, PECS, communication books & technology for communication. All forms of communication are given equal importance and focus.

In line with best practice, an integrated model is used with close collaboration with families, school staff and other professionals. Communication support is provided universally throughout the school by embedding approaches into the school environment. Training on specific communication methods are regularly offered to staff, parents and carers. Some pupils may require periods of specialist intervention, the support offered may change as the child or young person develops or meets different challenges throughout their school careers.

The Speech and Language Therapy team also offer support to develop pupil’s communication at home and in the community. Parents and carers are invited to attend training, workshops and to request a home visit to discuss communication opportunities and strategies for use at home.

We also support children with eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties. An eating, drinking and swallowing profile will be provided as required.