St Crispin’s on STV!

We are incredibly proud of our wonderful chef, Nicky, and our Mouse Class pupils after they were shown on STV News last night! Watch the clip above to see our starring moment on the 6pm news, featuring award-winning Nicky and some of our pupils choosing their favourite lunchtime options.

Congratulations to all involved – and what a lovely way for our school to be celebrated on the TV!

2 thoughts on “St Crispin’s on STV!

  1. It was lovely seeing the STV coverage yesterday. Fantastic achievement for Nicky. Nice to see Tracey too (she used to be my son’s teacher a long time ago – she’s fab). And the remarkable mouse class. Very proud of you all at St. Crispins.

    1. Thanks very much, Dottie! I’ve passed your lovely message along to Tracey – she remembers your son fondly and wishes you both well.

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