New School Design Challenge!

Design challenge

Two really exciting opportunities to get involved with the NEW ST CRISPIN’S SCHOOL!

Emily Hogarth famous illustrator is going to design the interior of the new school building. She has asked for our help as pupils, families and staff to be involved with this. Imagine your design being in the new school for everyone to see!

Your challenge is to take photos, draw pictures and make collages of nature which can be included in the new school design. Have a look at the school website and twitter for inspiration videos



For a new school, we need a new name!

Get your thinking caps on what should the new St Crispin’s School be called?

Your prize is that the school might be named after your suggestion!

Deadline for both is Monday 22nd June!

Kerrie, Payam, and Sophia are here to give you some ideas.

Thank you for your support


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