Wellbeing Wednesdays

Good morning everyone and welcome to this week’s Wellbeing Wednesday.

I hope everyone got on well with last week’s activities and that you are feeling fit. I’ve been practising a few at home myself this week. This week we are focusing on our hand eye coordination. I have stuck with the theme of using household items for our activities this week, so everyone should be able to join in whether you are at home or coming into the hub.


Unfortunately, the weather has not been as good recently but here’s hoping it improves and if this is the case feel free to practice these skills outside if it is safe to do so. You can repeat each skill as many times as you want developing your coordination in different ways. As I have said before if there are any of the previous weeks activities you have especially enjoyed feel free to do them again. I hope everyone has a fantastic safe week and I’ll see everyone next week for the last Wellbeing Wednesday of the term.



New School Design Challenge!

Design challenge

Two really exciting opportunities to get involved with the NEW ST CRISPIN’S SCHOOL!

Emily Hogarth famous illustrator is going to design the interior of the new school building. She has asked for our help as pupils, families and staff to be involved with this. Imagine your design being in the new school for everyone to see!

Your challenge is to take photos, draw pictures and make collages of nature which can be included in the new school design. Have a look at the school website and twitter for inspiration videos



For a new school, we need a new name!

Get your thinking caps on what should the new St Crispin’s School be called?

Your prize is that the school might be named after your suggestion!

Deadline for both is Monday 22nd June!

Kerrie, Payam, and Sophia are here to give you some ideas.

Thank you for your support


Wellbeing Wednesdays

Good morning Everyone,

Welcome to this week’s Wellbeing Wednesday. I hope everyone enjoyed last weeks ‘Virtual Games at the Hub’ set up by the fantastic team at active schools. I know that us in school had a great day taking part in some of the activities. With the wide range of activities that they have been made available by active schools it gives a fantastic opportunity to have a range of activities to fall back on at any time.

This week we are going to be doing a short fitness circuit consisting of five movements working on  both our strength as well as our stamina. The beauty of an exercise circuit like this is you can tailor it to your own abilities. You can do one of the exercises or all five doing as many reps as you feel comfortable with. Although yoga is finished it works as a great partner to physical exercise to avoid injury so feel free to keep that going if you wish.

Have a great week everyone and I’ll be back with an update next week.