Wellbeing Wednesdays

Good morning everyone.

I hope everyone is having fun at home and participating in a daily boogie to stay active. This week for Wellbeing Wednesday we are moving on from dancing to yoga. I have attached a series of videos demonstrating the positions we are going to hold to stretch and relax our bodies. Yoga is a great way to calm your mind and keep your body relaxed. You can perform these moves in any order you wish as many times a day. I personally try to stretch when I get up in the morning and before I go to bed, holding each move for 30 seconds and it helps put me in a positive mind set and my body feeling fresh. There are also a series of songs and sounds attached to listen to while performing these moves which helps keep you in a relaxed frame of mind.

Just because we are moving on from dancing doesn’t mean that you can’t keep having a wee boogie at home as well its best to stay as active as possible in these troubling minds as long as it is safe and manageable to do so.

Have a fantastic week everyone and I’ll see you all soon.





Music to listen to:


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