St Crispin’s Out of School Care Association Virtual AGM

Afterschool club





Wednesday 17th of JUNE 2020

Virtual meeting 7pm- 8pm via Zoom


Due to the current COVID 19 circumstances this meeting will take place via Zoom. If you would like to join us please send confirmation to  by Friday the 12th of June  to allow us to set up the invitations

To Parents/Carers of St Crispin’s School

St Crispin’s Out of School Care provides our children with a safe, supportive and familiar environment to meet our children’s needs and help them play and socialise. The Club helps our children develop and learn, and encourages confidence in exploring the wider community.

St Crispin’s Out of School Care Association is looking for people with an interest in helping, to join the management team of the After School Club to ensure continuity as some parents and children move on from the school.

Whether you are currently a user of After School Care or are considering using the service in the future, you are invited to attend the AGM to find out more about St Crispin’s Out of School Care and the many benefits of using the Club.

If you are unable to attend the AGM, we would love to hear from you if you would be interested in supporting the ongoing provision of out of school care to our children and young people and would ask that you contact the Club as detailed below – either:

Scott Guild, Chair of the Out of School Care Association – tel: 07795 833684

Eilidh Grant –  Management (Mon-Fri)– tel: 07437 617807

Steph Watt –  Management (Mon & Tues)– tel: 07837 212334.








  1. Minute of the Previous AGM of 13th June 2019 – to be agreed and any matters arising
  2. Treasurer’s Report and approval of Annual Report and Accounts
  3. Report by Chair on Activities of the Association
  4. Report by Out of School Care Manager
  5. Election of Directors and Members to Management Committee
  6. Any Other Competent Business
  7. Date of Next Meeting

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