Wellbeing Wednesday

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone had a fantastic week dancing away at home to our favourite songs I certainly have and hope that those of you that could got a chance to go out for a nice walk in the sun.

This week I am attaching a new selection of songs for us all to boogie to. I am putting a lot of ‘Just Dance’ tracks which have colourful dancers for us to all copy and learn some new dance moves. Of course feel free to use some of last weeks songs as I know that there were a few fan favourites in there.

Again, I would like everyone to where possible and safe to exercise outside whether it is dancing in the garden, walking or any other activity which is safe for you to do so. It is very rare that we get such a prolonged spell of nice weather in Scotland so we should take full advantage and get some valuable vitamin D just remember that sun cream. 

I hope everyone is safe and well,


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