Wellbeing Wednesdays

Good morning everyone I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend and ready to work out from home. During these trying times it is still really important to stay active to develop both our physical and mental health. I will post weekly work outs for our kids to complete to help stay active at home.

The first block is going to be a home ‘boogie’ block. Each week I will attach a series of links to songs which are well received in school gym classes and the task is simple. Listen to the music and have a dance with a smile on your face. Listening to music and dancing is a brilliant way to raise endorphins in the brain and put you in a positive mood. At St Crispin’s we have a lot of keen dancers and I hope this amazing attitude can be continued at home.

As well as dancing I would like to encourage everyone where possible and safe to try and complete daily walks. No distance is too short and getting outside and enjoying the beautiful weather we are currently having is an amazing way to clear your head from the stresses of lockdown.

Stay safe everyone I will be back next week with a new list of songs for everyone to boogie to.





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